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About us

Design. Functionality. Sustainability.

Placed at Rio Branco, capital of the Acre state, Iiba Produtos Florestais Sustentáveis is a company specialized at development and manufacturing of wooden products. Through a production chain that obeys the most strict rules of forest management, it creates and manufacture decoration objects, household itens, parts for architeture and construction, besides furniture, educational toys and trays of games.



The company develops its products based not only at market issues, like demand, design, price and quality, but also at optimization of the use of natural resources already explored. This includes the development of parts like the adaptation of productive processes to use the material left over at forest management (twigs and pieces of wood) and sawmills.

Foudend in the middle of 2006 by the mechanical engineer born in the city of São Paulo George Dobré, the company has a structure of 4.000 square meters of build area and its proposal is to make a closer relationship between the consumer market and the community of local rubbers, responsable for the extraction of the raw material. “It’s a way to improve the communities income and, at the same time, offer quality products with the agility that the global world requires”, says Dobré.

For being close to the forest and participate of all the extraction and transformation processo f the raw material, Iiba offers products with certificate of origin and international quality standard. Besides that, the architeture material consumers, for example, have the transport costs minimizeds, because the company delivers the parts on the cutting and finishing required. “Our job is to make the clients buy what they need, without transport parts of wood that will be discarded, what happens when the wood is purchased at gross state”, explain.

The Iiba Produtos Florestais Sustentáveis products can be found at desing, decoration and gift stores from all Brazil, and they’re also exported to Germany, Netherlands and England. The architeture and construction parts are ordered straight in the factory, by architeture offices and construction companies, besides particular clients.

iiba produtos florestais sustentáveis - Fone + 55 68 3229 6434 - Credits: Conteúdo Voz Ativa / Design Plyn!