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RAW MATERIALS - iiba produtos florestais sustentáveis

The deforestation and the threat of extinction of some tree kind is the result of more than 500 years of unbridled exploration. It began at the discovery of country with pau-brasil tree and, since then, the market chooses a kind in a meanwhile that is explored until the end, and then this process goes on with another tree. This happened with jacarandá-da-bahía, mogno, imbuia, mafim and now the cedro and cerejeira, among others.

To avoid the predatory exploration, Iiba Produtos Florestais Sustentáveis uses woods coming from certified forest management. It means that, besides using woods less exploreds, the company takes from the forest, through partnerships with local communities, only a few quantity of each kind of tree, in a proportional way to the existing quantity.

“We try to use almost all the wood kings, exactly to try to creat a demand for the few known kinds, to lower the the pression over the commercial kinds and also to increase the communitary management income”, says George Dobré, Iiba Director.

Besides that, the company constantly looks for new alternatives to use the most the “rest” of wood and “undiscovered” natural resources or not much explored by the market, to create new products. Amazon palm seeds, like açaí, paxiúba, jarina and babaçu have also been used, specially on the games board manufacturing.


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